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Our Geography curriculum is designed to give our children a high-quality rich education which engages, inspires and challenges them. Our curriculum intends to equip children with the knowledge and skills to investigate, enquire and research, in order to become keen geographers, who are intrigued and fascinated about the world in which we live.  As every child travels up the through the school, they will develop their experience of Geographical knowledge and skills through an aspirational, coherent, sequenced, progressive and inclusive curriculum.  In kS1 and KS2 geography will be taught discreetly. It makes a valuable contribution to fulfilling the 6 key aspects of a rich and cohesive curriculum at Boxford Primary School: Cultural enrichment; Opportunities for Technology; Golden thread of progression, Wellbeing, Enquiry and investigation, Whole child development.


By the end of their time at Boxford CEVC Primary School, pupils will have been given opportunities to learn about past events and how these have shaped the present and inform the future. Pupils will be able to think critically, enabling them to understand the contested nature of knowledge and being able to distinguish between fact and subjectivity when reaching conclusions and making judgements about the past.  By the end of their time at Boxford CEVC Primary School, pupils will have been given the opportunities to investigate question led enquiries about relevant topics, places and themes. Stimulating resources or experiences will have been used to motivate all abilities. Vocabulary, knowledge and skills will have been developed actively and progressively. Children will develop ideas, how to follow lines of enquiry, understanding, be creative and review their work confidently.  A lifelong love of History is established with transferable knowledge and skills ranging to further their educational journey. 

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