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Teaching of Reading at Boxford

Accelerated Reader at Boxford

:Children need to be given the opportunity and encouragement to read independently in order to build confidence, stamina and fluency, as well as develop their experience and enjoyment of a range of books and authors. Accelerated Reader is a whole-class reading management and monitoring programme that aims to foster the habit of independent reading among primary children. The digitally based reading software baselines pupils according to their reading level and suggests books that match their reading age and interest Across KS2 children take an AR assessment several times throughout the year to access their reading age and book level. This is completed by our qualified AR champion and is supported by class teachers. Each book a child reads requires them to take a quiz to measure their understanding. A child is given a percentage and is awarded certificates and rewards for progression throughout the year. Children know and understand their AR level and choice books based on their score. 

Whole Class Books

Children from EYFS to Year 6 use the Jane Considine Reading Spines as whole class texts to build reading for pleasure as well as using well known authors to build reading for pleasure. The books used for each Year group can be seen in the document below

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