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A typical session at Forest School..

Reception and Year 1 were lucky to enjoy a little sunshine this week.

Activities included sawing branches (dead wood) into small lengths for our camp fire and exploring water flow whilst playing with the water cascade equipment. Some children used a small folding saw to help cut back small willow branches which had begun to grow through the fence.  We used some of the willow to make hoopla rings and fishing rods! 

The mud kitchen, hammock and rope swing were as popular as ever.  Some children enjoyed painting large pebbles and pictures.
During the morning session  (Reception class)  the children used picture symbols, musical instruments and voice sounds to create a ‘sound story’ about the woodland,  based on the weather. 

Year 1 were keen to play a game a game of ‘Foxes and Rabbits.’  They are getting much better at keeping still and quiet when hiding.

Today’s snack was hot chocolate and warm toast.  Why does food always taste much better when eaten around a campfire in the great outdoors?

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