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Year 5 competition - Make a cake based on ancient Greece

Well done to all of Year 5 who took part in the cake making and/ or voting.  Every cake received 50 points and those with a higher number of votes received extra points.  What an incredible effort - Mary Berry would have been proud!

And here are the winning cakes....

Winner = 200 reward points = Trojan Horse 

Runner Up = 100 reward points = Pegasus Pot

Second Runner Up = 50 reward points = Medusa cake and Poseidon cake                  

Children's work during home schooling

All the staff at Boxford are so impressed with all the wonderful photos of the children's work whilst home schooling takes place.  Here is a selection - thank you for all your emails, photos and support.  

My Nirvana - by Lucy, Year 4

When I am in Mousehole

I feel perfectly wild, me

No troubles or worries

Just brilliantly free


I touch the sea

So beautiful and bold

Millennia upon millenia

How so young, but so old?


I feel at peace

And at home

In the sea

Not with company, but never alone

Pianting - Lockdown
Year 4 rainforest pic(1)
Healthy Eating Plate poster

VE Day Celebrations

The children of key workers who are currently attending school had a great time making bunting for festooning around the village for VE Day.  Despite celebrations not going ahead as planned, we hope that the colourful and vibrant decorations brought a smile to those passing by the school and walking around Boxford.

Bunting for VE Day 75 and the NHS(1)
bunting 6
bunting 2
bunting 3

Boxford School during lockdown

The school may be temporarily closed but the children are certainly busy at home with all their home learning.  Teachers are posting work on a weekly basis on their class pages and we're really enjoying all the photos and feedback we're receiving from parents.  Here is a taste of what the children are getting up to at home.

Now More Than Even - by Millie, Year 6

The sky is grey inside our heads

Stuck inside, watching where we touch and tread

Stock up on pasta, toilet roll, bread

Where has this disaster led?


But you won’t win, ‘cause this is our war

We race into battle with a tremendous roar

Throwing loo roll, rice and lots more

Knocking you back through that door


Although this is the time we are not together

Although it feels like this will last forever

Our scientists and doctors are quick and clever

We need them now more than ever.

 Be careful out there!   x

Potato weighing

British Science Week

The week of 6-15 March is British Science Week.  This is a ten-day celebration of science, engineering, technology and maths.  At Boxford, children had the challenge of making trees out of paper - no glue, sellotape or staples allowed!  We clearly have some very talented engineers in the making.


World Book Day

The whole school, including all the teachers, got into the spirit of World Book Day.  It was a fabulous celebration of all our most treasured stories and characters.

Year 6 WBD 2020
WBD 2020 1
WBD 2020 2
WBD 2020 3
WBD 2020 4

Forest School - a muddy Monday

This week Reception and Year 1 needed their layers as it was a chilly day!  The children enjoyed their usual activities such as the rope swing, hammock, den building, bug hunting and the mud kitchen.  They also had opportunities to make pine cone bird feeders and willow fat ball holders. They enjoyed looking for places to hang their feeders and some came up with ingenious ways of reaching high branches to loop them onto.

Children worked with a partner to follow a blindfold trail. This involved taking care of each other, learning to assess risk and trusting each other!

In the tool area, some Reception children worked with an adult to help split small logs for kindling. In the afternoon the Year 1 children had opportunities for using a hammer and nails. At Forest School the children learn to use tools safely under close supervision. They learn how to keep themselves safe and how to keep others safe.  At the same time, they develop their fine motor skills and their hand /eye coordination.

Snack today was hot chocolate and popcorn……always a favourite!

We finished each session with an exciting hiding and seeking game called ‘Foxes and Rabbits’. It was an opportunity to think about being a predator and prey. We also talked about the advantage of being camouflaged.
A fun day!

Forest School March 2020 4
Forest School March 2020 5
Forest School March 2020 8
Forest School March 2020(1)
Forest School March 2020 9

Suffolk Agricultural Association - Tractors into Schools

Two tractors, and their farmer, visited Boxford School in February to teach the children about the role the tractor plays in agriculture, farming and delivering food to our tables.  It was a wonderful opportunity for the Year 4 children to get up close to these massive machines and they had a great time sitting on and in them!


Year 6 Trip to the Ipswich Museum

On Tuesday 11 February Year 6 enjoyed a visit to the Ipswich Museum as part of their Ancient Egyptian topic.  All the children, and accompanying adults, dressed up as explorers for the occasion, getting them in the mood for a day of discovery and learning.  The morning was spent creating a timeline, looking at the mummies and finding out more about the Egyptians’ beliefs about life after death.  After lunch it was time to get hands on – the children had a great time making clay amulets, including scarab beetles, and spent time in the animal gallery designing their own gods. 

It was a brilliant trip which brought to life everything Year 6 have been learning about in the classroom.  Many thanks to the staff and parent helpers who made it such an interesting and fun day.

Boxford Primary School gets involved with NSPCC Number Day

On Friday 07 February the whole school, including teachers, embraced maths and came dressed in clothes with numbers or shapes on.  Children arrived wearing football shirts, rugby tops or hand decorated t-shirts and some even painted numbers all over their faces! 

The children brought in a small handful of coins each with which they played maths related games.  They also had good fun playing classic counting games such as snakes and ladders.  All coins were then handed into the office to be counted and donated to the NSPCC.  Since its inception 20 years ago, Number Day has raised over £2m for the NSPCC thanks to the efforts of the 3,500 schools that have got involved. 

This year, an impressive £237.47 was raised.  Well done and thank you to everyone!

Travelling Book Fair

Monday 20th January saw the travelling book fair arrive at Boxford.  Children were able to peruse the wide range of books available with their teachers and the fair was open to parents at the end of the school day.  A huge thank you to all those who supported the fair, thanks to you the school will receive approximately £700 of new books for the library.  Thanks also goes to Mrs Hobbs for organising it all.

PSHE Christmas Hour

Year 4 - Vikings

Year 4 had a wonderful time visiting the West Stow Anglo Saxon village near Bury St Edmunds in November.  They then made Viking longships in Art & DT as well as playing Viking board games in their Topic sessions. 

Year 4 reading with Year 1

Year 4 had a lovely time sitting with the Year 1 children listening to them read.  It was a great opportunity for the Year 1 children to practise their reading skills with the older children.

Art Solutions

On Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 October, the whole school got involved in a fabulous art project.  Organised by Art Solutions, and generously paid for by FOBS' magnificent fundraising efforts, the children worked brilliantly together to create huge, 3D wall art depicting many familiar scenes and characters.  Using PVA glue and mountains of newspaper, teams of children worked together to create 'boulders' and 'sausages' which were stuck down and layered up with more newspaper and coloured tissue paper.  The results, as you can see below, are breathtaking.  Well done to all the children and thank you to the army of parent helpers who lent a hand.  

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