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Our Christian Vision, Values & Ethos

The children have been learning about gratitude and their displays are visible throughout the school.

Our Church School Vision

Boxford is a Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School where our Christian values run through every part of our life together. Our Church School Vision aims to continuously enhance our school, encouraging innovative solutions to provide the best possible education and experience for our school community. Our school aims to nurture the entire person, body mind and soul, so that its children can grow up being confident and well-rounded individuals when they leave us. It is our intention that every member of our school community shows positivity, perseverence, respect, responsibility,  creativity and kindness . 

Our vision is for all children to live life in all its fullness John 10:10 so that they can experience the joy that life has to offer. It informs our curriculum planning to give substance and support to all students. We have an open approach that encourages children to consider their beliefs in a range of contexts, whether that is within R.E. lessons or our range of opportunities for collective worship.

In the context of Religious Education, we study the full range of world religions and allow children to consider wider perspectives and ideas about faith. The whole school follows the calendar of Christian festivals through a range of services enjoyed together as a whole school. This includes celebrating Candlemas, Holy Week and Easter, The end of the School Year, Harvest and Christmas in our local Church of St Mary’s Boxford, through interactive, reflective and celebratory services. We are fortunate to offer such a creative and thought-provoking programme of spiritual nurture and worship.

Our Values

Our school values run through everything we do and are the key elements that ensure that children at our school  'Live life in all it's fullness' John 10:10 They provide an environment, which prepares our pupils to be confident and happy citizens.


We recognise that positivity can help us to improve our lives and the world around us. We use Jesus as an example on how to live our lives and to see the goodness in the world. Life is sometimes difficult. We can face many hardships, but it is important to learn how not to give up and remain positive when things get tough, looking for the good in every situation. 


We know sometimes things can be difficult, but we keep on going and with God's help we don't give up. We understand that very little can be achieved in life without perseverance. We will not give up when things get difficult. We learn to support each other to share and overcome our doubts and fears.


As a Church school, we value all God’s children and the wonderful diversity of our world. We understand our duty to care for and value the amazing world we live in. We respect God’s creation by being kind to each other, caring for our community and looking after the natural environment. We learn to respect ourselves and those around us, treating others as we would like to be treated. We listen and learn from others.

We learn to work in partnership with all cultures and religions as we are all a part of God’s diverse world. We learn about and care for people worldwide who suffer and whose lives are hard, and look for ways to actively help them.

We learn how to respect and celebrate diversity in all its forms.


We are encouraged to be true to ourselves, looking to grow the talents that God has given us, work hard and strive to do our best in all situations.
We learn the importance of being truthful in all scenarios and how to make right and good decisions for us and for others.

We learn to understand the values associated with being citizens of the United Kingdom and seek to make the world a better place through our active citizenship.

We strive to be creative and innovative in all aspects of our work looking for new and better ways to overcome challenges.


We look for ways to fuel our curiosity so that we can learn and grow. Nurturing our creativity helps us to grow our talents and achieve new things. We strive to experience joy in all aspects of life, see the joy in our world and spread that joy to others. We are enthusiastic and resilient in our learning, supporting each other, so that we can achieve our very best. Our school looks to nurture the entire person; body, mind and soul and we learn to be confident and happy about the person we are.


We pay attention to each other’s needs, ideas, feelings and possessions, and take care of our school. We look to promote kindness in all its forms: towards one another as well as ourselves. We learn how to grow good relationships by modelling gentleness, kindness, forgiveness and honesty. We learn to celebrate and share in other people’s success. We nurture generosity in each other, encouraging giving to charities and good causes, and helping one another around the school. We model positive talk in the playground and around the school and look to praise other people when they have tried their best.

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) Report

We were inspected in June 2017 and rated 'Good', please click the link below to read the full report:

SIAMS Inspection Report

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